Allianz Real Estate Germany

Allianz Real Estate Germany is responsible for real estate investment and asset management by the Allianz companies in Germany, Austria, Eastern Europe, Ireland and Scandinavia.

Allianz Real Estate Germany is a subsidiary of Allianz Real Estate which forms the strategic umbrella for all real estate investments of Allianz worldwide. The key tasks of Allianz Real Estate Germany include:

  • Operational portfolio management
  • Real estate investment management, including direct investment
  • Property asset management, including leasing office and retail space
  • Technical asset management
  • Control of contractors in property and shopping centre management
  • Sale of real estate assets

Allianz Real Estate Germany is located in Frankfurt and Stuttgart. Together with its offices in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich it oversees a real estate portfolio with a market value of approximately € 9 billion. The company is one of the biggest lessors of office and retail space in Germany and receives annual rental of over 400 million euros.

Detailed investment profile for direct investments

Type of investment
  • Core
  • Core, core plus
Size of investment
  • Above €50 million
  • Above €50 million
  • Germany: Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Duesseldorf, Cologne, Stuttgart, Munich
  • Austria: Vienna
  • Scandinavia: Helsinki, Stockholm
  • Larger cities with strong purchasing power and fringe locations with a large catchment area in Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, CEE and Ireland
Location quality
  • Central business districts and other established office areas
  • Prime city-center and established retail locations
Asset quality
  • Class A office buildings
  • "Green" sustainable buildings
  • Shopping centers with at least 15,000 m2 sales area
  • No retail warehouses (supermarkets, discount stores, DIY centers)
Leases and tenant quality
  • Long-term leases, tenants with high credit rating
  • Occupancy rate of 80%+
  • Multi-tenant or single tenant buildings
  • Long-term leases, tenants with high credit rating
  • High occupancy
  • Optimized retail mix
  • Flexible space allowing for reletting
  • High-quality developments: forward purchases will be considered
  • Shopping center developments: forward purchases will be considered in Germany

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