The structure of Allianz Real Estate

Global investment by Allianz Real Estate – implemented by strategic regional units in key markets.

Allianz Real Estate is a holding company based in Munich and Paris. Since 1 January 2009 it has been the strategic umbrella controlling the Allianz Group's property investments around the world. The operational management of investments and assets takes place in currently six international subsidiaries. Working within the buy-manage-sell strategy, the national companies handle new investments, asset management and divestment within their own regions. Apart from that they provide and  manage commercial real estate loans in Europe and the USA.

Allianz Real Estate distinguishes between:

  • Direct property investments mainly in the Eurozone by taking as well into account joint ventures and co-investments
  • Indirect property investments worldwide, including in the USA and the Asia-Pacific region, as well as in niche property types (e.g. logistics, student housing)
  • Commercial real estate financing in Europe and USA

Setting up further subsidiaries by using the asset management companies in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, USA and the Singapore office as a model is part of the growth strategie of Allianz Real Estate in the coming years.

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