Company history

From Allianz Grundstücks-AG, based in Germany, to Allianz Real Estate, serving the global market.

Allianz has always been pioneering in its provision of professional management services for the real estate investment sector. When Allianz Grundstücks-AG (which later became Allianz Immobilien GmbH) was founded in 1985, all the real estate work of the Allianz Group was brought together for the very first time and managed as a single entity.

With the aim of taking real estate investment to the global stage, compounded by further diversification and scope for exploiting all potential sources of investment, the founding of Allianz Real Estate as a holding structure was the logical next step on the road to success. Within this concept Allianz Immobilien GmbH took over the job of national investment and asset manager and has been trading as Allianz Real Estate Germany since the start of 2009. The company is responsible for its former focal trading area, Germany, as well as Austria, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

Milestones within Allianz Real Estate

Opening of a regional office in Madrid

Allianz Real Estate Iberia 


Integration of Allianz Real Estate Italy

Allianz Real Estate Italy


Founding of Allianz Real Estate Switzerland

Allianz Real Estate Switzerland


Founding of Allianz Real Estate of America

Allianz Real Estate of America

2009 Allianz Real Estate Holding is formed as strategic umbrella with Allianz Real Estate Germany as subsidiary

Allianz Immobilien GmbH changes its name to Allianz Real Estate Germany

Allianz Real Estate Germany

  AGF Immobilier changes its name to Allianz Real Estate France
2008 The subsidiary Allianz Center Management GmbH is sold to ECE
  Allianz Real Estate GmbH is positioned as the Allianz Group's global real estate platform
2007 Allianz Real Estate GmbH is founded as an international investment management company
  MIPIM AWARD is won for the Europa Passage in Hamburg
  The Property Management division is sold to Hochtief
  Two real estate packages worth around 3 billion Euros are sold
  The subsidiary Allianz Wohneigentum GmbH is sold to DEWAG
2006 Allianz Immobilien GmbH launches comprehensive restructuring with the aim of concentrating on asset-focused core functions of real estate management for the Allianz companies
  Opening of the Europa Passage in Hamburg
2005 Completion of mainBuilding on Taunusanlage in Frankfurt am Main (opposite the Alte Oper opera house)
  25th anniversary of the Hanse Viertel shopping centre, Hamburg
2002 MIPIM AWARD is won for the Forum office block, Amsterdam
  Opening of the Allianz Kai project in Frankfurt am Main
2001 Integration of the Dresdner Bank real estate group:
Takeover of property management for the DEGI Deutsche Gesellschaft für Immobilienfonds mbH
  GCM Grundwert Center Management GmbH changes its name to Allianz CenterManagement GmbH and is integrated in Allianz Immobilien GmbH as a wholly-owned subsidiary
2000 Name change to Allianz Immobilien GmbH
  Founding of the Allianz Wohneigentum GmbH subsidiary to privatise the Allianz Group’s housing stock
  Opening of federal press conference building in the government district of Berlin (with German Federal President Johannes Rau)
1998 Opening up of market Management services are provided for a company outside the Allianz Group for the first time ever
  Opening of TREPTOWERS, Berlin
1997 Integration of Vereinte Versicherungen within the Allianz Group; their properties now fall under the remit of the Group's real estate management
1995 Name change to Allianz Grundstücks-GmbH
  First sales of real estate (move away from the buy-and-hold strategy pursued until then by institutional investors)
  Integration of DKV within the Allianz Group; their properties now fall under the remit of the Group's real estate management
1990 The Allianz Group takes over responsibility for the state insurance of the former German Democratic Republic and, along with this, takes over real estate management for its properties
1986 Commencement of business
1985 Founding of Allianz Grundstücks-AG by pooling together expertise in real estate from Allianz Lebensversicherungs-AG and Allianz Versicherungs-AG
  Consolidation of real estate under common management, with a common investment strategy and introduction of a common database system
  Allianz Grundstücks-AG becomes a full-service provider for all real estate services (areas of work range from acquisition and project development, rental, property management, management of centres and property administration to caretaker services)
Until 1985 Various real estate departments within Allianz insurance companies

Further information

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