Career opportunities at Allianz Real Estate

Interview with Daniela Gehrunger - Head of HR at Allianz Real Estate since 2010 - about Allianz Real Estate as an employer and our requirements for applicants.

What qualifications should an applicant have?

All our employees, across all functions, have a first-class education, mainly with an international background. We would also expect this from any future employee. Very good university degrees, international and intercultural experiences and a very good knowledge of at least one foreign language are particularly important to us as well. Anyone who also enjoys and is interested in working as part of an international team will find a challenging and interesting work environment with us.

Daniela Gehrunger, Head of HR at Allianz Real Estate

How committed is Allianz Real Estate to its employees' further professional development?

HR development within Allianz Real Estate primarily relies on international assignments, job rotation and/or job enrichment by means of extended responsibilities or independent management of global projects.

If professional and personal development measures are desired and sensible, our employees can take part in appropriate training sessions. We do however primarily rely on targeted development measures within the work environment. From our point of view, this is the most sustainable and interesting method for personal development.

What do you particularly like about Allianz Real Estate and your duties?

Unlike most of my colleagues I grew up in the Allianz insurance world. Since my move to Allianz Real Estate in April 2010 I have really enjoyed being responsible in an international environment.

Our highly qualified employees are an excellent combination of different cultures, languages, nationalities and skills. They all contribute to the company's sustainable success.

It was particularly impressive for me to experience how cooperation and dealings within Allianz Real Estate's units have developed in the past two years. An 'Allianz Real Estate Spirit' has emerged. Supporting this process on an HR level is a major personal challenge and a great pleasure to me.

What role does diversity have at Allianz Real Estate?

At Allianz Real Estate GmbH in Munich, there are currently employees with eight different nationalities. And we welcome any further nationality!

Where distribution of sexes is concerned, we recognize there is still an imbalance in the occupation of various senior management positions. This is largely due to the fact that the real estate investment and asset management sectors have always been a strongly male-dominated domain. However, we are for example offering appropiate development measures and flexible working hours for current and future employed women to create appropiate positions in the sector.

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