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Allianz lets 500 sq m in Dortmund

The midlands branch of Allianz Real Estate Germany GmbH has let around 500 sq m of retail space at Westenhellweg 67 in Dortmund to optical chain Fielmann AG, which already has a smaller shop in the same building.

Allianz Real Estate Germany | Stuttgart / Frankfurt, 04/14/2011

Westenhellweg 67: a prime city-centre location

The mixed-use Westenhellweg 67 enjoys a prime city-centre location within the Westenhellweg pedestrian zone, one of the most popular shopping areas in Dortmund, which has long been a central meeting place for shoppers from throughout the region. Located in the direct vicinity of St Peter's Church, the building stretches from the Westenhellweg pedestrian precinct to Kampstrasse, which is currently being extensively upgraded into Kampstrasse Boulevard.

Westenhellweg 67 is an investment property owned by insurance corporation Allianz Lebensversicherungs-AG.

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