Commercial Real Estate Lending

Allianz has been active in the commercial real estate lending market for over 30 years now. Allianz started providing mortgage loans in the US on behalf of the local Allianz insurance companies. In 2011 Allianz Real Estate was mandated by the Group to expand its loan business into Europe, starting in Germany and France. Meanwhile Allianz Real Estate is also providing loans in Spain, the Netherlands and Ireland.

In the current low interest rate environment commercial real estate lending is the perfect addition to the direct and indirect real estate investments of Allianz. It allows the group to diversify its fixed-income portfolio further. Allianz Real Estate has been investing in real estate for many years now and has a proven track record of excellent real estate know-how. Allianz has provided loans of about € 4.2 bn in Europe and about € 8.9 bn in the U.S.A. so far and aims to expand the credit volume both in Europe and in the US further.

The main investment criteria are:

  • Markets: Good to first class locations in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Central Europe, Scandinavia and Benelux
  • Asset Class: Office, retail, logistics
  • Good to first-class locations
  • Loan-to-value 50 - 70% max.
  • Loan term 7 - 20 years
  • Loan amount starting preferably at €100 m onwards
  • Fixed and floating rate

Exemplary financing transactions

Office building | Frankfurt/Main

Deutsche Bank Towers



Shopping Centre | Oberhausen


Press release


Shopping Centre | Berlin

Gropius Passage

Press release


Business Park | Paris

Le Pont de Flandre




Foncière des Régions Portfolio



Office | Paris

92, Avenue de France

Press release


Shopping Center | La Coruña


Press release


Outlet Center | Roermond

McArthurGlen Roermond



Office | Hamburg


Press release


Office | Genneviliers

Campus Thales Genneviliers



Office | La Défense

Tour Areva



Office | Paris and Nanterre

Office Parisian Region 



Retail | Stuttgart

Königsbau Passagen

Press release

Logistic | Germany

German Logistics Portfolio



Office building | Brussels

Covent Garden



Office portfolio | Pan-european

Prime Portfolio

Press release


Office and residental portfolio | Dublin

Dublin Portfolio

Press release


Luxury outlet villages | Paris, Barcelona, Madrid

Value Retail




Further information

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