Successful 2015 for Allianz Real Estate: New real estate investments for EUR 7.4 billion

Munich, 03/21/2016

"In 2015 we have significantly strengthened our investments and are on the right track for growth this year as well", says François Trausch, CEO of Allianz Real Estate.

François Trausch

François Trausch

New direct and indirect real estate investments for EUR 3.6 billion

On behalf of the Allianz insurance companies, Allianz Real Estate acquired some prominent properties last year. This includes the Dundrum Town Centre, Ireland's number one shopping and leisure complex and one of the largest shopping centers in Europe, as well as the attractive office building Haus an der Wien in Vienna's Neustadt district.

Equity investments were also made in Miami and Winterthur. For example, the American real estate subsidiary Allianz Real Estate of America purchased 49 percent of six office buildings at the new industrial park "Waterford at Blue Lagoon". And Allianz Suisse Immobilien AG expanded its property portfolio by including another attractive residential building project in Wintherthur while focusing on sustainability. The "sue&til" project is Allianz Suisse's largest building project to date. The project was developed in collaboration with Implenia AG, who began to execute the project at the end of 2015.

Another mainstay of Allianz Real Estate's investment mix are indirect investments. The focus here is on the real estate funds of partners who have widespread expertise in their respective segment or market area. In 2015 Allianz Real Estate for example made investments in student housing in the UK through the UK Unite Studenthousing Fund, and in Dutch residential property through the Vesteda Dutch Residential Fund.

Investment Results 2015

New real estate loans issued in Europe and the USA for EUR 3,6 billion

For the real estate financing segment within Europe and the USA, the year came to a successful end with a clear expansion of the portfolio. Through investments in other European markets, such as Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland and Italy, the company was able to further expand its credit portfolio outside of Germany and France. In both countries - Europe and the USA – Allianz Real Estate could further strengthen its position as lender for commercial real estate loans. This segment will definitely continue to be a success story in 2016.

Investment Results 2015

In addition to acquiring new investments, Allianz Real Estate continues to work on its existing ones. The focus of these activities is currently on several projects in Hamburg, and on the 'Coeur Cologne' construction project near Cologne's Central Station.

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