Roland Fuchs and Carole Tran van Lieu talk about "Real estate financing and investments in France"

Munich, 01/25/2016

The Association of German Pfandbrief Banks (Verband deutscher Pfandbriefbanken) held a country-specific seminar on "Real estate financing and investment in France" in Berlin on January 19.

Carole Tran van Lieu

Carole Tran van Lieu

Representatives from all of Germany's major federal state and mortgage banks were invited as member institutions of the association.

Roland Fuchs and Carole Tran van Lieu attended the seminar as guest speakers, making a presentation on the investment environment in France and cooperation between banks and insurance companies using recent financing examples from the French market.

Roland Fuchs spoke about the fundamental strategic approach taken by Allianz Real Estate in its European financing business, which has been successfully established and expanded in recent years for the various Allianz insurance companies in Europe.

Next, Carole Tran van Lieu spoke about specific transactions executed by Allianz Real Estate of late, either as part of direct business or on a club deal basis in partnership with French, German or other European banks.

The event provided a professional framework for networking and building upon future business opportunities.

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