Decision made in the architectural competition for Opernplatz in Frankfurt

Frankfurt, 13.09.2016

An important decision has been made in the redevelopment of the Allianz property located at Opernplatz 2 in Frankfurt: Berlin-based architects Baumschlager-Eberle/be have won the design competition Allianz Real Estate Germany organized for the property's redevelopment in cooperation with the city of Frankfurt.

Although the architects' proposal had already been selected as the winning design in January, it tied for first place with the proposal submitted by Staab Architekten, also based in Berlin. Both winners were asked to revise and refine the concepts at the root of their proposals. The next step was for representatives of the city of Frankfurt and of Allianz Real Estate Germany to launch another round of intense talks to evaluate the architectural concepts. The process was overseen by president of the jury, Prof. Zvonko Turkali.

Opernplatz 2

When making the decision, the jury gave particular consideration to the fact that while reworking their concept, architects Baumschlager–Eberle significantly reduced the size of the eaves on the Neue Mainzer Straße side, thereby achieving an even better urban development integration of the building's cubic content into the surrounding environment. In addition, the architects' design featured a traditional punctuated facade. Add to this the light sandstone typical for this part of the city, and it will emerge as no surprise that the jury opted in favor of the concept given the materiality of the surrounding area, especially the Alte Oper opera house.

The next step is for Allianz to commission the winning architects with the specific building planning process, as well as involve other specialist planners. Work should begin on the first preliminary draft over the course of September. Ultimately, which new properties will actually be built will depend on a range of factors, including ongoing neighborhood negotiations.

Design planning will follow next year, along with the submission of the planning application. Finally, Allianz Real Estate Germany intends to begin demolition works in 2018 with the aim of completing the building in the spring of 2021.

Opernplatz 2

Facts, figures and data for Opernplatz 2

The building at Opernplatz 2 will contain

  • office spaces with state-of-the-art equipment, six floors up to the 7th floor, large roof terrace overlooking the Taunusanlage station/Alte Oper opera house

  • retail space overlooking Opernplatz/Neue Mainzer Straße spread out over two, where applicable three, floors

  • food court with a large terrace overlooking the Taunusanlage station

  • approx. 50 underground parking spaces

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