Lessons investors can take from the U.S. when looking at life sciences

Munich, 17.08.2022

The pandemic accelerated life sciences as a strategic sector in many countries across the globe. As such, the sector will continue to act as a magnet for private and public funding. Nevertheless, the relatively small size of life sciences markets coupled with high investor concentration makes it challenging for new entrants to gain access and build scale into the sector.

How can core investors break the barriers to entry? What is the life sciences ecosystem and why does it have an undeniable competitive advantage? And why do life sciences locations tend to expand to urban centers in Europe but to suburbs in the U.S.?  

Find out the answers to the most crucial questions about investing in life sciences in our latest report and understand why we think life sciences returns should remain resilient despite current macroeconomic uncertainty.  

Read the full report Investing in global life sciences clusters: lessons from the U.S. HERE.

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