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Future-proofing through experience and innovation

“The combination of the hands-on approach of our local Asset Managers and the knowledge sharing within our global community gives us a deep understanding of tenants and their needs and has ensured a consistent high occupancy rate all over the world.”

Laetitia Archambault
Head of Asset Management and Technical Management France

The Allianz Real Estate Asset Management community is a global team of experts using data, global standards and local smarts in order to create value for investors, decarbonize our portfolio and boost user experience

We understand the role our assets play with tenants and the community and use innovation to develop smart, healthy buildings which enrich the user experience.

Peggy DaSilva

“We understand the role our properties can play with tenants and in the communities where they are located. In-depth market knowledge and trusting relationships with key operating partners are the hallmarks of our U.S. asset management activities.”

Peggy DaSilva, Head of Asset Management U.S.

Fulvio Delaiti

“The Allianz Real Estate asset redevelopment program is one of the most ambitious in Europe. The focus on sustainability and the re-development of buildings like Palazzo Marignoli in Rome or Corso Italia in Milan into modern and flexible office spaces has become fundamental to the growth of our business.”  

Fulvio Delaiti, Head of Italy

Lars Fröhling

"Real estate will remain a people business and it is crucial to stay in touch with the ever-evolving market. Innovation and digitalization are key pillars. We look to increase user-wellbeing while at the same time supporting our 2050 decarbonization target and mid-term goals.”

Lars Fröhling, Head of Germany, Co-Head of Asset Management Europe

Grigor Hadjiev

“Our Building Signature Program is a platform for the secure collection and analysis of operational and financial data in order to provide meaningful insights to all asset stakeholders. In Europe alone, we are upgrading over 700,000 sqm of office space to a prime level of smart and ESG." 

Grigor Hadjiev, Head of Innovation and European Sustainability

Julia Marciano

“Our in-house Loan Asset Management team consistently demonstrates its expertise in managing the existing loan portfolio which, in turn, builds up strong relationships to our network of borrowers, sponsors and investors. Our excellence is characterized by the strong dedication of the team members, whose performance goes above and beyond market standards, including taking a leading role on ESG topics.”

Julia Marciano, European Loan Asset Management

Suat Ghee Ong

"Asset resiliency goes beyond signing long leases. Buildings need to provide value-adding services and a healthy environment for the people who live, learn and work in them. The smart use of technology helps to enrich user experience while optimizing efficiency and ESG performance.”

Suat Ghee Ong, Head of Asset Management Asia-Pacific

Creating Resilience Through Asset Management - USe Cases 

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